California Edible Cannabis Cooks Get Bitter Taste of Legalization

There have been two overriding business visions of legal Cannabis. Craft — winemakers, microbrew — vs. commerce — Marlboro, Budweiser. A recent report finds in California, legal pot may be cutting into artisanal cottage industries. reports that although an estimated $180 million worth of edibles was sold in California in 2016, this year only 28 licenses have been obtained to legally bake, or make, them.

A cannabis industry consultant, Sean Donahoe, said he expected the Golden State to follow a post-legalization path similar to Colorado’s. The business has consolidated into major players, due to regulation and consolidation.

“I’m seeing a lot of these similar things and then some,” Donahoe said. “And it didn’t have to be this way.”

California voters OK’d medical marijuana in 1966, with lawmakers refining the rules in 2003.

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