Cannabis Culture Takes Root

Our culinary cannabis segment is going to be kind of fun because we’ve got some pretty renowned chefs coming to talk, and then setting up some chef demos,” says Palodichuk.

An invitation-only event not officially part of the festival will spotlight chef Stephen Lee cooking at a private location on April 21. The menu will consist of fresh ingredients from the Coachella Valley’s certified farmers’ markets. The high-end event includes live music with Bob Hamilton and RiceontheBass and free valet parking. Non-infused and infused versions of each dish will be offered.

Meanwhile, the public is invited to a non-infused workshop called “Culinary Cannabis: 3 Top Chefs” on April 21 at the Camelot Theatres. The workshop explores culinary cannabis pairings, edibles, infusions, and extracts with talks from three chefs in the fledgling niche, Andrea Drummer, Holden Jagger, and JeffThe420Chef.

Palm Springs Cannabis Film Festival and Summit, April 19–22,

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