Pizza, Pad Thai and Pot: Home Delivery of Marijuana Is Legal in These States

Michael “Billy the Kid” Kenworthy, a marijuana delivery driver in Seattle, seals a package of pot for a customer in 2014. Marijuana delivery businesses remain illegal in Washington and several other states that have legalized possession and sale of the drug.

Ted S. Warren/The Associated Press

This story is part of an occasional series on marijuana laws in the states.

It’s been legal to buy small amounts of marijuana in Colorado for over four years. But consumers can’t order bud, edibles or the marijuana concentrate called “shatter” through the mail — that’s illegal under federal law. And they can’t have weed delivered to their doorstep, like a pizza or an order of pad thai.

Lawmakers in Colorado and other states that pioneered recreational marijuana legalization have been reluctant to allow home delivery, even in an era when consumers are used to getting everything from diamond rings to toilet paper delivered.

Supporters say delivery makes it

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