Ahead of Grassroots Expo, cannabis chef Chris Sayegh cooks for Vancouver

    Looking at the photos on his Instagram feed, you wouldn’t immediately see what makes Christopher Sayegh, founder and CEO of catering company the Herbal Chef, stand out amid the flashy innovation of the culinary world.

    Much like that of any other fine-dining chef, his social media is littered with overhead shots of immaculately plated delicacies like smoked salmon topped with poached strawberries, and spiced meringue drizzled with bourbon caramel. Although his culinary creations are mouthwatering, it takes a glance into their descriptions to learn that most of them are infused with THC and CBD—the two most common compounds found in cannabis.

    The 25-year-old Los Angeles–based chef says that’s the whole point.

    “The way I look at it is that people shouldn’t be so fixated on the THC and the cannabinoids,” he says, adding that he hopes his guests pay attention to things like textures, flavours, and the integrity of the dish

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