Lawmakers Go for Hybrid Proposal to Expand Medical Marijuana Program in NJ

Physicians could prescribe medical marijuana to any patient, for any diagnosed health issue, without registering their practice with the state. Patients could obtain twice as much medicine monthly as currently allowed and get it in edible and other forms. And there would be twice as many growers, and 40 new drug dispensaries across the state.

Those are among the changes to New Jersey’s medical marijuana program envisioned under a new hybrid bill that was crafted by several Democratic lawmakers yesterday and voted out of the Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee, over limited objections. One of more than two dozen nationwide, the Garden State’s program is considered among the most restrictive.

“We are putting patients and physicians in control,” said committee chairman Herb Conaway Jr., a sponsor of the measure, and a physician himself. “I’m also hopeful that the increased access to medical marijuana will allow people to

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