Doctors — not politicians — should decide who gets medical marijuana, NJ panel says

Doctors would decide which patients should use marijuana as medicine instead of being limited by a narrow list of eligible diseases set by law, under a sweeping medical marijuana overhaul approved by a state Assembly panel Thursday.

The measure that cleared the Assembly Health Committee would also allow registered patients to buy up to four ounces of cannabis, or twice as much as they are permitted to obtain now. 

It would also allow 12 cultivators and 40 dispensaries instead of existing six that  are permitted to both grow and sell, according to the bill 

The dispensaries and cultivators would be divided evenly in the northern, central and southern regions of the state, including the six who are already licensed to grow and sell.

Many of the changes contained in the bill are under consideration by the Murphy administration, which is winding down a 60-day audit of the state medical marijuana program.

Gov. Phil Murphy is expected

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