Even in reliably red Texas, cannabis entrepreneurs expect some green soon

In its corrugated steel building about 12 miles southwest of Austin, row after row of marijuana plants stretch to the ceiling. The plants hang upside down and dry out next door in a chilly room that’s a wine cellar equivalent for cannabis before churning through an extraction machine and becoming a specific kind of cannabis oil.

Across the state, Miami-based Knox Medical, licensed as Cansortium Texas, is cultivating cannabis in modular units in the small town of Schulenberg, about 100 miles west of Houston and 100 miles east of San Antonio. The company sells drops of cannabis oil and plans to roll out suppositories, said Jose Hidalgo, the company’s founder and CEO.

A third company with a license, Surterra Texas, is starting up its business in the Austin area.

For now, at least, the companies have a small market. The cannabis products they make can’t cross state lines. Only Texans with intractable epilepsy

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