I Tried 3 Unique Edibles, But Only One Gave Me a Good High

Marijuana has been legal in the state of California since January, joining Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Colorado, Nevada, Massachusetts, and Maine, where you can purchase weed for fun. Since the legalization, dispensaries have gotten a makeover. Instead of needing a card from a “doctor,” now all you need is a valid ID proving you are 21 years of age. Today, dispensaries are catering to a completely different customer: the cannabis curious, AKA me.

I checked out a bunch of packaged edibles at my local dispensary MedMen. If you live in California, you might have seen its red billboards featuring a close-up of diverse models encouraging you to shop, relax, play, or heal because “it’s legal.” Walking into the West Hollywood MedMen, I felt like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory, but instead of needing a golden ticket to enter, all I needed was my driver’s license.

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