Alon Shaya/Facebook

Alon Shaya/Facebook

Is Alon Shaya cooking’s new socially conscious heir apparent?

In his new restaurants, Saba and Safta, he’s planning to pay competitive wages far and above the median average payscale of restaurant employees, and provide health benefits, continuing education, and mandatory cultural training on a regular basis.

In his new cookbook, Shaya, an ode to the transformative power of cooking, he meanders through New Orleans, Italy and Israel before settling on a cooking style that is all his own.

I spoke with Alon Shaya about the restaurant industry, why Gordon Ramsay is not a good role model for young chefs, and how he chose to write his cookbook.

I loved your cookbook. I read it with my little brother, who’s a chef, who just loved reading all the parts about your wild childhood.

That’s the cool part about the book — I

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