A Marijuana Dinner Party Grows Underground

There are many reasons for eating marijuana instead of smoking
it—edibles give you a different sort of high, they say, and certainly
delay the drug’s psychoactive effects, and pose no harm to your lungs—but flavor has not traditionally been one of them. The edibles of yore
were concocted more for their potency than for their taste. Now, as weed
becomes decriminalized and even legal in a handful of states, there’s a
burgeoning interest in something new: really good food that will also
get you high. In Oregon, there’s Laurie Wolf, the “Martha Stewart of
renowned for her cannabis recipes; in California, the über-hip chef Vanessa Lavorato sells beautiful
chocolate caramels and other bonbons laced with THC, and co-hosts a
Viceland show called “Bong Appétit.” (A recent episode featured Joan Nathan, the reigning Jewish-American cookbook queen, making matzo balls
with fresh cannabis leaves, minced like any other

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