How Women Can Continue Rising in the Cannabis Industry

And that’s what the film does: Mary Janes showcases women who work in senior roles across all divisions of the cannabis industry and what they’re doing to impact factors beyond gender parity, such as social issues like racial equality, environmental sustainability and fair policies. It doesn’t focus on the hardships or the battles women face, instead showing how they’re taking control of the industry and making it their own.

When asked how women could help move that 27 percent statistic up again, one panelist and “puffragette” featured in the film said there’s at least one area where there’s room for improvement.

“You know what ladies? We need to invest. We need investment money that comes from women,” said Wanda James, a Denver cannabis entrepreneur and activist known for being the first black woman to own a dispensary in Colorado. “I think women look at business differently…I’m not saying men are bad, but women

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