Paint night brushes up on pot law

A Denver company that puts a weed-friendly spin on the paint-night craze is bringing events to the Boston area.

Puff, Pass Paint encourages participants ages 21 and older to bring their own cannabis and light up, vape or eat marijuana edibles while they explore the creative process of painting. Owner Heidi Keyes started the company in Denver in early 2014 after Colorado legalized recreational marijuana.

“I was working as an artist, and I always have been a cannabis user myself,” said Keyes, a landscape painter. “It took off so quickly that I had to get a bigger studio and expand to more classes.”

The company also has operations in five other locations with legal recreational marijuana — Oakland, Los Angeles and Orange County, Calif.; Washington, D.C.; and Portland, Ore. In Phoenix, it runs events for medical marijuana users.

Puff, Pass Paint does not supply cannabis to class participants, according to

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