GB Sciences Receives Issuance of Its Cannabis Oil Production License

Given already announced contractual arrangements with those production partners, operations are expected to generate significant monthly free cash flow after a ramp up period of approximately two months.

John Poss, CEO Chairman of the board of GB Sciences, said: “Partnering with the right companies is important to us.  In any business, but perhaps particularly in this business, philosophical harmony between partners is what makes a partnership work, and work better.  We are most fortunate to have Cura with its pristine reputation and demonstrated expertise, as well as Relax With Happy™, whose hand-crafted, micro-dosed edibles will vastly improve the options available in the Nevada market.”

Cameron Forni, co-founder and president of Cura Cannabis Solutions remarked, “Quality, consistency and safety are three major priorities for us here at Cura, and GB Sciences has managed to hit high marks on each of those critical points.  The team’s attention to detail and

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