Botanica has something for every appetite – The Spokesman

In 2013, Tim Moxey and Chris Abbott began discussing how to make the best edibles on a large scale, even before they legally were allowed to start cooking.

Moxey had previously produced an electrolyte product called Nuun, and Abbott had a Wall Street and professional wine background.

Their experience and unofficial brainstorming put them in a good position to start making and selling cannabis-infused food products by the following year.

Today, Botanica Seattle is considered one of the state’s top-selling edibles and is available at about 250 of the state’s 300 cannabis retailers.

Moxey and Abbott felt it was important for users to have something good-tasting and high-quality, “not something that tastes like dirt just to get high.”

The company’s headquarters is in the SODO area of Seattle, which is the region just south of downtown, near Starbuck’s corporate HQ and the various event centers.

It recently expanded operations into

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