7 Cannabis Edibles That Changed the Game

Mahjoun (circa 1,000 A.D.)

Morocco boasts an uninterrupted hashish-making culture as old as any wine region, particularly in and around the Rif Mountains, where Berber villages have been cultivating cannabis and dry-sifting it into potent concentrates using traditional methods for countless generations. The Berbers are also credited with creating and popularizing mahjoun (sometimes mahjoum or mazhoum), a 1,000-year old recipe for a hashish-powered edible that’s the spiritual and psychoactive heir of the modern goo-ball.

When Tangiers became a popular destination for American literary ex-pats in the 1950s, writers including William Burroughs and Paul Bowles popularized mahjoun among fellow travelers by extolling its many splendors in their writing. But don’t think of mahjoun as a single recipe, so much as a basic set of techniques and ingredients upon which to build a unique take. Much as every Italian grandmother holds fast to the family’s secret recipe for tomato gravy, a Moroccan family would

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