Channeling JeffThe420Chef: The Cannabis Cooking Channel Fires Up

Jeffthe420ChefJeff Danzer AKA The420Chef has a new cannabis channel that makes cooking with cannabis simple, fun and delicious, plus, he’s doing it with friends. The Hollyweed chef to the stars is bringing out a rainbow of characters to showcase their skills and thrills in the cannabis kitchen.

If cannabis also has a stimulating effect, Jeff Danzer has tapped into the core of it. He’s an internationally acclaimed and award winning self-taught chef who started out using cannabis and food to heal family friends with debilitating diseases. These days Jeff’s a renaissance man when it comes to the industry. From writing books, inventing FreeLeaf™ as well as The THC Calculator that tests butter and oil for homemade edible use, to having a top rated podcast, Jeff’s showed up in every media outlet, and now creating his very own channel and show.

His new show The

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