“What’s a spliff?” And other things doctors need to learn about legal weed

Many doctors, according to Portland psychiatrist Jeramy Peters, know cringe-inducingly little about how people actually use weed. So he’s taking what much of the populace already knows — like the difference between a THC edible and a dab rig — and repackaging it where physicians will actually see it: in a peer-reviewed medical journal.

The paper, published this week in the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association by Peters and collaborator Joseph Chien, lays out key weed vocabulary from the distinction between tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol to dorm-room definitions of a “bowl,” “spliffs” and “vaping.”

“They’ll probably call it a marijuana cigarette, or something really dated,” Peters, who works at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center, said of his peers. “I have found a lot of other medical staff — physicians, nurses, medical students, even — have a really limited understanding of cannabis outside of what you see in popular media.”


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