OHSU doc drafts cannabis primer for other doctors

You’ve heard of the Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy? Now comes a short guide for psychiatrists and other doctors to navigate the world of cannabis to help them treat their patients.

Don’t know what BHO is? Vaping? (And is it possible that in 2018 you’ve never heard of a “bowl?”)

This new a primer for doctors, developed by two local doctors, will explain. It’s pretty basic stuff, but that’s what Dr. Jeramy Peters says he was after.

As a resident in psychiatry at Oregon Health Science University Hospital, Peters figures up to 80 percent of the patients he sees consume cannabis regularly or have in the recent past.

To some doctors, the world of marijuana and terms used to describe the many ways people consume it can be as mystifying as medical jargon to someone trying to understand a treatment plan.

Eager to get a better handle on the topic, Peters and a colleague, Dr. Joseph

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