Medical marijuana sales tick up

But NH lags behind its pro-recreational neighbors

If you heard three dealers in New Hampshire sold $5.1 million worth of pot last fiscal year, you might wonder how they got away with it. 

Yet the dealers — the three owners of four medical marijuana dispensaries — are not only operating within the law, they are just getting started. 

Last fall, the state vastly expanded the number of qualifying conditions that can be treated with cannabis, contributing to a six-month, 36 percent jump to 4,753 users on Dec. 31. One projection estimates sales will quadruple to $22 million by 2021.  

But New Hampshire lags behind its neighbors.

The three surrounding states sold an estimated $160 million of medical marijuana in 2016 and have legalized marijuana for recreational purposes, which should produce about $1.4 billion in sales.

The Granite State decriminalized

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