Selling brownie mix the key to cornering marijuana edibles market for Calgary company

A Calgary-based group of entrepreneurs is laying its groundwork for the marijuana edibles market with the help of an executive chef with a medical permit.

They’re selling handcrafted baking mixes for marijuana-infused brownies and squares online. For now, reTreat’s customers have to supply their own cannabis oil if they want a pain-relieving or a psychoactive experience.

The plan is to cultivate a loyal fan base as Ottawa prepares to legalize recreational marijuana in July. reTreat hopes to get its products into dispensaries so they can be sold next to marijuana.

The legal sale of pre-prepared marijuana goodies is not expected to be approved until 2019.

Red Seal Chef John MacNeil’s medical permit under Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations means he doesn’t have to wait for legislation to pass in order to start exploring the culinary nuances of marijuana. Armed with a background in gastronomy, he’s already crafting flavourful recipes for

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