PHOTOS: Are Pot-Themed Weddings Soon to be in High Demand?

From cannabis cake decorations to custom joint tins, discerning brides and grooms can now infuse their weddings with pot.

The 2nd Annual Cannabis Wedding Expo took place in San Francisco Sunday, bringing together industry professionals and potential clients. Now that recreational pot sales are legal in much of California, including San Francisco, the variety of products on the market has expanded.

With rolling trays, banners and snacks, there are a lot of options for people looking to take a new spin on wedding traditions.

“There were a lot of party favors I’m interested in,” said Nicole Becker, who is planning her August wedding. “There are a lot of cute tins with writing on it that you can put pre-rolls in.”

Commercial legalization is barely a month old in California, but vendors say it’s already having an impact on the wedding planning industry.

“I’m definitely getting

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