Part 1, Infused Recipes From the Pacific Northwest

Freshly caught salmon, breathtaking mountain views, stunning hiking spots, gorgeous summers—the Pacific Northwest has it all, and its cuisine is no exception. From the bustling city of Seattle to the rocky canyons of Idaho, you’ll find delectable flavors that pair perfectly with Washington’s most popular strains or Oregon’s best in show.

Below, discover original recipes inspired by the Pacific Northwest from Seattle-based chef, Daniel Courtenay. Load up a pipe of Mt. Rainier (or an equally tasty strain) and dig in to these delectable PNW eats.

Recipe: Rosemary JoJo Potatoes with Cannabis-Infused Salsa Brava

Recipe: Herbed Salmon Made With Cannabis-Infused Butter

Recipe: Orange Panna Cotta With Clove Air and Infused Cannamilk

Lead image: KarpenkovDenis/iStock 

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