This year it’s legal (in California) to give your sweetheart cannabis-infused chocolate

If you’re looking for a THC-tweaked take on the standard-issue Valentine’s Day treat of chocolate-dipped strawberries, Satori (in Zen Buddhism, satori means sudden enlightenment) has the answer in the form of cannabis-infused wild strawberries in milk chocolate. (Last year, High Times named the confection one of its top edibles.) Also available in a dark chocolate version, it combines dried, hand-picked strawberries (from the Italian Alps) with cannabis-infused chocolate, resulting in a 3-ounce box full of something that resembles a very grown-up version of Raisinets and clocks in at 100 milligrams of THC per box (approximately 3 milligrams THC per piece) and sells for $20.

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