Farmer to pot commission: Turn to us for advice

GREENFIELD — Driving west on Route 2 three months ago, Jennifer Flanagan hoped to hear from a local farmer regarding the Cannabis Control Commission’s upcoming regulations.

Not until long into two hours of testimony in Greenfield Tuesday, when New Salem vegetable farmer Keith Zorn decided to come forward, did Flanagan and the rest of the commission hear from a farmer.

“If you make it inaccessible to these small farmers, who are experienced growing plants in a climate like this, then you’re just welcoming large companies who have the capital to put up big and small warehouses, indoor growing facilities,” said Zorn, who attended the farming program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

Zon was among the approximately 60 people at a formal public hearing in the John W. Olver Transit Center. The hearing was part of listening tours the commission is running in the lead up to finalization of its draft regulations.


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