California cannabis cooks taste success in legalization – KGO

People have been cooking with cannabis for years, but the legalization of weed in California has taken it to a new level. Home cooks are sharing their recipes online and professional chefs are hosting multi-course meals.

Chef Michael Magallanes has worked in some of the top restaurants in San Francisco. But the tasty dish he’s making for us has a “special” ingredient.

Magallanes runs the Opulent Chef. He showed us how he cooks with cannabis.

VIDEO: There’s a right and a wrong way to cook with cannabis

“This is going to be onion and potato pureed and then I am going to add some cannabis to it to infuse it,” he said.

The legalization of cannabis has opened the kitchen door for cooks like Magallanes.

He showed us a small container with brownish oil.

“This is infused olive oil,” he said.

Cooking with Cannabis isn’t as easy as just tossing some weed into your dish; it

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