A Canadian company is making the world’s first beer brewed from cannabis

Toronto-based Province Brands has filed a technology patent for the production of a “beer” which it says will be the first in the world to be brewed entirely with cannabis rather than barley.

The so-called marijuana-powered beer — rather than the more common marijuana-infused beer — is alcohol-free, but is said to have a similar “dose-response curve” to alcohol, which means a similar power to intoxicate the drinker.

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It is low calorie, low sugar and most of the company’s beers are gluten free.

In October last year, the Canadian government announced it will be legalising recreational cannabis in edibles and beverages from mid-2019.

Canada was the first country in the world to legalise medical marijuana use in 2001.

Earlier this year major alcohol brand Constellation bought a 10

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