There’s a right and a wrong way to cook with cannabis – KGO

Green smoothies are not what they used to be now that recreational marijuana is legal in California.

More and more, cannabis is being added to foods, from salads to pasta dishes.

“People think stale brownies,” says Scott Peabody, a chef who created recipes for the Sous Vide cookbook.

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“We love doing everything we normally cook, from salads to soups. It’s really super versatile.”

But there is a right way and a wrong way to add cannabis to a meal.

Peabody collaborates with Monica Lo on Sous Weed, a website with cannabis-inspired recipes using the sous-vide cooking method to infuse olive oil with cannabis.

“My recipes are usually lighter than most recipes,” says Lo. “Know your dose and if you are a beginner, start very low and go very slow.”

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Lo recommends starting with five to ten

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