Gourmet dinner parties with cannabis high on the menu – KGO

You don’t have to go to Mourad to feast on the San Francisco restaurant’s exquisite cooking. You can have similar gourmet meals at home.

It’s not food delivery.

About two years ago, Michael Magallanes launched Opulent Chef and began offering gastronomic feasts at private parties.

VIDEO: There’s a right and a wrong way to cook with cannabis

He has since kicked that up a notch by infusing cannabis into the meals.

“Typically I do nine to ten courses,” said Magallanes, who was a chef at Michelin-starred Mourad and Aziza. “The first three courses will be infused.”

It takes about 45 minutes to an hour-and-a-half for diners to feel the effects. That means the last three or four courses are eating while high on THC, the component in marijuana that produces the “high”.

“People don’t realize that you can get a different cerebral experience from a different chemical than alcohol. And it can be more enjoyable

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