Cops allegedly radio for help after eating pot edibles, hallucinating …

TORONTO – It sounds like a potentially perilous situation: an officer calling for assistance while on duty. Except in the case of two Toronto officers on Sunday, the problem wasn’t gunfire or an uncooperative arrestee—it was pot the cops had allegedly consumed.

CBC News reports the officers, whose names haven’t been released by the department, allegedly ate marijuana edibles near a police station and then reportedly started to hallucinate.

That’s when CBC News reports that one made the call, though sources tell CP24 a more colorful story: that the call was placed after one officer ended up in a tree.

The two were reportedly found in a police vehicle and at least one of them was brought to the hospital. Making the situation worse: an officer who responded to the scene slipped on ice and suffered a head injury in the process.

The Toronto Star reports that some hours

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