10 Beverages Enhanced by Cannabis Tinctures

Cannabis tinctures are one of the most convenient ways to consume a concentration of cannabinoids discreetly. Tinctures also have an accelerated onset, especially compared to traditional cannabis edibles like cookies or brownies. These subtle differences and distinctive qualities make tinctures a must for micro-dosers, edible enthusiasts, and discreet cannabis consumers looking to remain incognito.

Below are, in my opinion, 10 beverages worth a few drops of tincture. Before you try adding tinctures to a drink of your choosing, remember that setting and dosage are key. Tinctures are very easy to titrate, dose properly, because they usually come in a dropper bottle. Find out how many drops set you at your desired buzz by administering a dose directly and letting the tincture rest under your tongue for as long as comfortable before swallowing. This should help the tincture absorb more quickly into the bloodstream,

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