Doobies and Derringers don’t mix

Pennsylvania is the most recent state to legalize medical marijuana, and the first dispensary is due to open next month.

Colorado started with medical marijuana and now allows legal recreational sales. Business is booming. There were over $1 billion in legal herb sales in Colorado last year. This does not account for the underground market, which is still here and probably stronger than ever.

Cannabis tourists come here. They join long lines of local and regional recreational users waiting for their turn at the counter. It could be argued that some retailers are selling overpriced, overgrown and overblown weed and edibles. Customers don’t seem to mind.

State representatives in Pennsylvania may be astounded when they see how many “sick” 24-year-olds are lining up for “prescriptions.” A resident can explain to a doctor that they suffer chronic pain. The doctor’s permission slip gets them in the dispensary door.

Why wouldn’t

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