Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (OTMKTS:LXRP) Increases Canadian Cannabis Opportunity

Drug delivery innovator Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (OTMKTS:LXRP) whose DehydraTECH™ technology increases intestinal absorption rates for more rapid delivery to the bloodstream, cannabinoids, vitamins, NSAIDs, nicotine and more, has announced a synergistic agreement that could make its mark on the cannabis industry.


Canada’s Cannabis scene is already thriving, but is set to go into overdrive this summer when sweeping legislation enacted last year goes into effect, thus making cannabis and its by-products legal for adult recreational consumption. LXRP is setting itself up to reap the rewards through a recently announced partnership with another Canadian company.


Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (OTMKTS:LXRP)  entered a definitive technology licensing agreement  with Cannfections Group Inc. whereby Lexaria is providing its patented DehydraTECH™ technology to empower next-generation performance

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