5 Easiest Edibles to Make At Home – Civilized

Edibles are one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. In fact, many new users prefer edibles to smoking. But some people would rather make their own concoctions than rely on pre-made ones. So what are the easiest edible recipes to make?

Well, here are five super simple edibles you can make at your own home.

5. Cannabutter

Butter is delicious. Cannabis is also great. So why not combine the two? All you have to do is start melting some butter and then add in a gram of marijuana that’s been decarboxylated until it melts into the butter as well. And you’re done!

Link to full recipe

4. Cannabis Tea

Now that you’ve got that cannabutter, why not use it? Just brew yourself a cup of tea, add in a teaspoon of the cannabutter and you’ve got yourself a

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