Make a splash with cannabis-infused vermouth | Recipe

Vermouth is a sometimes-misunderstood and often-underused wine-based product from Southern Europe. Vermouths are complex and inviting, great on their own or when used to make a wide variety of cocktails, both classic and new style.

With its infused nature, there is a spot for cannabis if you’re crafty. Since vermouth is often sweetened in some way as well as eventually strengthened with brandy or grain alcohol, you can involve some tincture of your choosing.

Cannabis vermouth is contextually perfect for today’s curious consumer, since rare and unique variations are becoming as commonplace as craft beer. Considering you can apply it to a cocktail or perhaps even use in a dish, it’s something that belongs in your liquor cabinet (preferably fridge) if you are into gourmet food, alcohol, or now by the grace of many a

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