How Much Pot Is In That Brownie? Wyoming Moves To Toughen Edible Marijuana Laws

In Wyoming, pot is illegal. Not so in neighboring Colorado, where recreational marijuana is available in a variety of different forms.

The general feeling is that if you bring marijuana legally purchased in Colorado into Wyoming, you’ll probably get into trouble. But what kind of trouble remains to be seen.

Lawmakers in Wyoming have been trying to adapt their laws to account for more than just leafy pot since 2015, when a couple of Wyoming judges ruled that state law does not have specific penalties for marijuana-laced edibles.

Wyoming makes 3 ounces of leafy marijuana a felony. Maka Kalai, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Fort Collins, Colo., pot retailer Organic Alternatives, says smoking that much pot would take a long time.

“It would absolutely take me at least three months, if not six months, to finish 3 ounces of cannabis,” he says.

“The argument has always been that

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