German Insurances Reimburse Medical Cannabis for 13000 Patients

In Germany, the number of cannabis patients, reimbursement-cases, and medical cannabis sales are rapidly increasing after the legalization of medical cannabis in March 2017.

On request of the “Rheinische Post,” some of Germany’s major health insurance providers published new figures that detail the number of claims for reimbursement of medical cannabis. According to the General Local Health Insurance Fund (AOK), the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), and the Barmer Ersatzkasse, 13,000 cannabis patients have so far received reimbursement for herbal cannabis products, while the claim for reimbursement has been rejected for approximately 7,000 insured persons.

Domestic production to regulate pricing

The number of issued private prescriptions, in which patients have to pay for their own medicine, should be significantly higher, just as it was during the first three months after the law’s establishment but those numbers have not been published yet.

In cases where a doctor supplies a so-called “private prescription,”

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