Did you know Books is on Instagram?

The L.A. Times Books section can now be found on Instagram, and it’s more than just #shelfies (gorgeous photos of bookshelves) — it’s a place for us to share images that illuminate the world of books. Times book editor Carolyn Kellogg sent me a few questions about @latimesbooks’ Instagram and what you’ll find when you follow us there.

It is! And the world of books can be visual too. I don’t mean that the world of books can be visual in the sense of picture or art books (although those are visual for obvious reasons), I mean that books are infinitely more than just words printed on a page. That’s their magic, I think; it’s why we love them.


The world of books contains human beings — writers and readers — and spaces like bookstores, libraries, parks, coffee shops, events. Specifically because it’s a visual medium, Instagram

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