Nine-Year-Old Accidentally Doses Classmate With Marijuana Edibles

Ever since the dawn of recreational marijuana laws, cannabis edibles have been at the forefront of the regulatory debate. Reports of increased emergency room visits due to overconsumption in states like Colorado have even prompted lawmakers to impose tighter restrictions on the manufacturing of these products. Although the situation is all just an experiment, there is hope that by making marijuana edibles less attractive to children fewer incidents of accidental overdose will take place across the board.

But even in states with only medical marijuana laws on the books, accidents can still happen. A recent report from the Albuquerque Journal indicates that a nine-year-old student in New Mexico recently distributed some candy to her fellow fifth-graders, only to find out that she accidentally dosed them with THC-infused edibles out of her parent’s medical marijuana stash. The situation caused some panic for the faculty at the Albuquerque School of Excellence, as the

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