Meet the iMac of cannabis cultivation: GroBox

cloudponics grobox

Cloudponics’ GroBox is likely coming soon to an overpriced SOMA apartment near you.

The quintessential San Francisco 2018 technology story of the new year happened to me last week.

I got an invite from a PR guy to check out an automated pot growing cabinet called a GroBox that was debuting on this week. The price: $2500.

Seriously? In the land of the $20 cocktail, maybe I should not have been surprised. But I was certainly skeptical. That’s my job. I had to see this, and had to put it in its place.

So I took MUNI down to an office high-rise near the gleaming new Salesforce Tower skyscraper, the second-tallest building on the West Coast. After an elevator ride up, and a workspace check-in, a PR rep for the company Cloudponics ushered me

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