This Web Series Gets Chefs Stoned — and Then Has Them Compete For Culinary Glory

Culinary web series High Cuisine takes “plant-based” cooking and runs with it — hard. It’s a competition, but not like anything you’ve ever seen before: the show invites two Los Angeles-based chefs to get extremely stoned and then tackle a food-crafting challenge. But it’s important to note that none of the grub made on High Cuisine contains cannabis — it’s just what’s running through the chef’s bloodstreams.

POPSUGAR reached out to the show’s executive producer, vegan advocate Asher Brown, and we chatted over email about HC‘s herbal component, veggie cupcakes, and the challenge of cooking a meal in just one color.

POPSUGAR: Tell me a little about the inspiration behind this new show. Why was the timing right to roll it out now?

Asher Brown: With High Cuisine, we wanted to show amazing chefs creating incredible, unique, and appetizing dishes. This isn’t

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