If New Jersey legalizes marijuana, this is what it could look like

Clearly, Joe Lindsey loves his job.

At the High Country Healing dispensary in Silverthorne, Colorado, he pulls out plastic tubs of pungent marijuana buds, talking about the attributes and aromas of each. He points out the citrus smell of one variety and the notes of bubblegum in another. As the store’s lead “bud tender,” Lindsey has a passion for the product.

“I get paid for this,” he says with an almost manic grin.

It’s a job that could get him arrested in other places around the country, but in Colorado, he’s got a state license. The state amended its constitution in 2012, becoming the first state allowing adults to possess and use marijuana . Since then, the cannabis business has exploded.

It’s now a billion-dollar industry in Colorado, and in 2016 there were a total of 698 pot stores in the state, which was triple the number of Starbucks.

New Jersey could become one of

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