Green Report: How to make marijuana milk

A electronically drawn half gallon carton of milk, with a green color and a marijuana leaf above the word milk
Marijuana Milk (Dylan Simonson | Collegian)

Many great dishes and recipes call for one of my favorite things, dairy, specifically milk. Hot chocolate, béchamel sauce, country gravy, are just the first few things that come to my mind that have a milk or cream base. If you have not learned by now, anything that can be medicated will get medicated around here, and this time we will tackle marijuana milk. This is another simple recipe to medicate and add to your edible arsenal.

Since we are medicating a liquid, it is important to remember that your body will absorb the cannabinoids in both the gastrointestinal and oral uptake method. This means there should be a quick activating high and a high that

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