Douglas Bianchi: Edible cannabis should concern politicians as much as tax revenue

Regarding “California preps for pot infused fare,” from the Dec. 27 edition of The Union, I never thought I’d see the day when The Union published a puff piece (sorry) for the marijuana industry.

You pulled it off the Associated Press wire so I can’t call it a joint effort, more’s the pity.

And seeing as how I am fresh out of bad puns, I’ll get to my serious purpose.

As a 70-something who has enjoyed occasional responsible cannabis use for over 50 years, and who has looked forward wistfully to legalization since my first hit, I was shocked by the cheerful ignorance in what is essentially a propaganda piece for edible cannabis.

… it seems that instead of courts and jails propping up the price, the tax man and the bureaucrat will take over.

In all my innocence and naiveté,

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