Sonoma County’s Garden Society caters to ‘canna-curious’ women

“We all have kids,” she said, nodding to other women standing nearby. “Sleeping is an issue. We all have stress, but want to try something natural,” she added, echoing a common concern of party-goers who didn’t want to smoke or inhale cannabis.

“I was never into pot,” said Cindy, who also asked not to use her last name. “But marijuana has so many medicinal properties. I’m open to the alternatives,” she said. “I like the idea of such beautiful packaging, or the low dosing for relaxation and insomnia,” she said.

As the evening progresses, Gore addresses the rapt audience as they sip chardonnay.

“There are some really bold statements about cannabis right now because it’s not regulated (yet). So you really want to educate yourself,” she says. “In dispensaries, you may find a lot of higher-dosage products, but our edibles are designed for a new or casual user

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