Combining Dispensary, Pot Grow and Brewery Tours Into One

Our first stop was a 15,000-square-foot pot-cultivation facility in the same brick building that houses My 420 Tours. The facility, which supplies LaConte’s dispensaries, is designed like a warehouse, with a long row of doors that slide up on either side of a concrete hallway. Our tour guide, Gage Dunn, who has long black hair and a matching curly beard, led the way into the cultivating facility after giving a brief warning about the 100 or so cameras inside.

Cannabis plants in their vegetative state.

Dunn moved quickly through the different phases of the growing cycle, from vegetation to blooming, going through all of the information within forty minutes. Most of the doors revealed rows of plants flooded in bright lights, which keeps them in a vegetative state, Dunn explained, so that they don’t bloom prematurely.

While the smell of marijuana

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