CES 2018: Cannabis, face creams and a robot that sleeps with you

While it’s easy to think CES is all about speakers and TVs — hidden tech treasures dot the halls if you know where to look. From dispensaries spinning cannabis into tinctures to robots that lull you to sleep, there’s more to consumer electronics than just screens.

Brew up your perfect healthy tincture using ingredients including cannabis with OblendGearBrain


Think of Oblend like a Keurig — but instead of coffee, you pump customized blends of oils that can be used in your tea and on your skin. Some of the ingredients are derived from cannabis extracts — except, ahem, for the THC. Paired to a smartphone app, Oblend searched recipes to help with pain relief and anxiety, for example, then brews up the result. The device comes with 24 cartridges that include blood orange to tumeric. And while priced at $949, pre-sells for

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