Gilchrist: reTreat Edibles honing recipes in new cannabis market …

The recipe for John Michael MacNeil’s Double Chocolate Midnight Brownies is straightforward. It starts with a pre-prepared reTreat Edibles dry mix that includes gluten-free flours, sugars, salt, baking soda, vanilla powder, chocolate and cocoa powder and cream of tartar. You add water, coconut oil and 60 milligrams of cannabis oil, then mix and bake for 16 minutes. It makes 12 squares. Simple.

But wait. What’s this about cannabis oil? This may be the first recipe printed in this paper that contains cannabis oil but it won’t be the last. With Canada rolling headlong toward cannabis legalization this year, it only stands to reason that value-added cannabis products will start to appear. It’s what we do with agriculture. Grow wheat and we’ll make flour that in turn makes bread. Raise peaches and we’ll make jams and fruit leather and chutneys. Cultivate cannabis and we’ll make … exactly what?

Cannabis edibles. With recipes.

But how?

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