The biggest Philly food trends we’ll see in 2018

Trend can be defined two ways, according to the dictionary. It can mean “to follow a general course,” or to “veer in a new direction.”

Both meanings apply when it comes to the food and dining scene, where chefs are staying the course with tested ingredients and venturing into new territory to tantalize diners’ taste buds.  What are taste influencers predicting for 2018?

  1. The “it” vegetable will be …. It’s a smackdown between two, according to Vedge owners Richard Landau and Kate Jacoby, who will open their first Washington location in February. Landau says rutabaga, for sure.  “Chefs will discover its diversity and versatility, beautiful creamy texture, attractive color, and unique flavor.”  His partner/wife begs to differ. “I’m going with radishes,” she said. “They are stunning, with a wide range of shapes and colors. They can be raw or cooked in a million different ways. And they’re

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