How marijuana cookies led to a valuable device

Several years ago, a friend with a neurological condition presented the founders of Engineered Medical Technologies with an unusual problem.

She was making marijuana-infused edibles to control her condition, but she only determined how strong they were by taking them. If she made them too strong, the cookies or brownies could affect her for a day or two.

“That’s not a good way to figure out how strong your medicine is … it’s like someone giving you a pill but not telling you how strong the stuff is,” said Peichen Chang, co-founder of .

Their solution was tCheck, a handheld device that uses UV light to measure cannabinoids – think THC – in a material such as olive oil or butter. Turning tCheck from a 3-D printed prototype to a marketable product required a lot of testing, equipment and skill – all of which they found at Rocklin’s Hacker Lab.

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