Neal Fraser Gets Ready to Pair Marijuana With Redbird’s Fine Dining

NEAL FRASER: It’s an opportunity for restaurateurs to cater to a community they haven’t been able to before. Not everybody drinks alcohol and not everybody smokes pot. It’s an opportunity for us to learn about our consumers and what our society will bear to what’s acceptable.

For me as a chef and a restaurateur, I’m always looking for ways to expand my audience and what I can do. I don’t smoke pot very often, but when I do it changes my appetite and the way I experience food. Just like a bottle of first-growth Bordeaux, marijuana can liven your senses to eat things you normally wouldn’t or appreciate them in a different way.

How does it translate to the menu at the restaurant?

I’m really not interested in cooking with pot. I’m more interested in pairing cannabis with food. Depending on the laws, we can do private

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